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Bitcoin Reference Line supports an encrypted reference line. This means: You can send a free text to the receiver of the transaction along with the transactions like „Payment for invoice #123“. The reference line is encrypted. Only the sender and the receiver of the transaction can see it.

The coin has a block time of 2 minutes instead of 10 minutes compared with Bitcoin. It has a maximum block size of 36 MB.

The maximum supply of the coin is 143 million. Block reward is 50 BRECO. Block time is 2 minutes.

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2 minute block time. 36 MB block size. Only 4 GB blockchain.


Anybody can send a free text as a reference line along with the transactions like „Payment for invoice #123“ or „Payout from mining pool“. 

Low transaction fees

Because of the large block size transaction fees will stay low. Bitcoin Reference Line can process 180 times more transactions than Bitcoin (2 minute block time instead of 10 minutes x 5 and block size 36 MB instead of 1 MB x 36).


The reference lines are AES encrypted. Only the sender the and receiver of the coins can see the decrypted text.

Our Strategy and Project Plan
January 2018
The initial idea for a cryptocurrency with a reference line.
The marketing campaign for Bitcoin Reference Line starts. Airdrop.
Marketing continues. Listing on bigger exchanges. Technical improvements. Apps for smartphones.