Coin sale ends in:
$40,000 contribution received
Soft cap already reached through one initial investor
ICO Distribution:

38 million coins have been pre-mined. 23 million have been distributed to the owners of Bitcoin and Reference line coin. 5 million has been distributed to an initial investor. 4 million coins will be distributed through this ICO. 6 million coins go to the developers of the coin.

The price for one Bitcoin Reference Line will start at 0.00001000 BTC and will be increased after each purchase. After one million sold Bitcoin Reference Line the price will be 0.00002000 BTC. The price will reach 0.00005000 BTC for the last Bitcoin Reference line.

Starting price: 100000 BRECO = 1 BTC
No Minimum
From May 30th, 2018
To June 30th, 2018
Coin distribution: 4 M Coins
1. Coin: 80% (1000 Sat instead of 5000 Sat)
Price increases steadily after every sale
After 1 million sold coins: 2000 Satoshis
After 2 million sold coins: 3000 Satoshis
After 4 million sold coins: 5000 Satoshis
About the coin
Welcome to Bitcoin Reference Line

Bitcoin Reference Line is a Bitcoin Fork which happened on block 523118 of the Bitcoin blockchain. Also, Bitcoin Reference Line is a fork from „Reference line coin“ on the block 57017. Every owner of Bitcoin and Reference line coin can claim their Bitcoin Reference Line with their private keys.

Bitcoin Reference Line supports an encrypted reference line. This means you can send a free text to the receiver of the transaction along with the transactions like „Payment for invoice #123“. The reference line is encrypted. Only the sender and the receiver of the transaction can see it.

The coin has a block time of 2 minutes instead of 10 minutes. It has a maximum block size of 36 MB.


Download the Windows Wallet


Start mining Bitcoin Reference Line
Take a look at the blockchain explorer
Our coin
What is Bitcoin Reference Lin?
Bitcoin Reference Line is a Bitcoin Fork, based on the latest Bitcoin technology. It contains the complete UTXO set of Bitcoin in only 4 GB instead of 200 GB.

2 minute block time. 36 MB block size. Only 4 GB blockchain.


Anybody can send a free text as a reference line along with the transactions like „Payment for invoice #123“ or „Payout from mining pool“. 

Low transaction fees

Because of the large block size transaction fees will stay low. Bitcoin Reference Line can process 180 times more transactions than Bitcoin (2 minute block time instead of 10 minutes x 5 and block size 36 MB instead of 1 MB x 36).


The reference lines are AES encrypted. Only the sender the and receiver of the coins can see the decrypted text.

Created by CAD-KAS Kassler Computer Software GbR
Why Choosing Us

Founded, in 1996 we are developing software now for 22 years.

We already developed another cryptocurrency „Reference line coin“.

Fast development

From the first idea in January, it took us only 6 weeks to finish our first cryptocurrency Reference line coin. After the idea for Bitcoin Reference Line, it took us only about 3 weeks to finish this new coin.


We have shown, that we can develop a cryptocurrency very fast, with a small team and very cost efficient.

Block size
Block time
Characters maximum length of the reference line
Size of the Blockchain
Coin sale term
Bitcoin Reference Line
Fixed Limit:
4,000,000 coins sold
Soft Cap:
25,000 USD
1 BTC = 100,000 BRECO
Min Purchase:
May 30th
June 30th
Fund distribution
  • 17 million Coins for Bitcoin holders
  • 6 million Coins for RECO holders
  • 5 million Coins for an initial investor
  • 4 million - Coins for sale through ICO
  • 6 million - Coins to fund further growth
Token distribution
  • 71% Distributed to Community
  • 13% Initial investor
  • 16% Founders and Team
1 BRECO coin price
0.00001 BTC
Price is increasing steadily
to 0.00005 BTC
Our Strategy and Project Plan
January 2018
The initial idea for a cryptocurrency with a reference line.
March 2018
Reference line coin is ready and is listed on as well as on our own exchange.
May 2018
Development of the Bitcoin fork.
JUN 2018
ICO for the Bitcoin fork
JULY 2018
Bitcoin Reference Line will be listed on They have 40 million daily trading volume. And I have already received the 3 BTC needed for listing there from an investor. I have also contacted them already and they will list the coin there.
The marketing campaign for Bitcoin Reference Line starts.
Marketing continues. Listing on bigger exchanges. Technical improvements. Apps for smartphones.
Buy our coins now! Price is steadily increasing!
Our Team
Guarantee of The Project Success
Christian Kassler
Founder, Developer
Ludwig Kassler
Bitcoin Reference Line
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